Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bearing Design Guide: Chapter Four: LOAD SPEED CATAGORIES AND USAGES-Day 2

Leaded tin bronzes: Medium-load, Medium-speeds

          This group of alloys contain 10%or less of tin content and are generally used for the greatest number of applications.  Their chemical balance combines a good tin to copper ratio for load-carrying ability and an ample amount of free lead for anti-frictional or surface action properties.  They offer good wear resistance and can be used for impact and shock loading.

          The design working load can be taken at 3000 PSI and a permissible static load of 8600 PSI. The surface speeds through 500 fpm or less are possible.

                    The average physical properties are:
                    Brinell hardness 50 to 70 BHN
                    Coefficient of friction (dry) .25
                    Minimum recommended shaft hardness 250 BHN
                    Maximum operating temperature 500 ° F

   CDA             Tensile Strength PSI             Yield Strength PSI          Elongation %          BHN
    937                         35000                                    20000                                 8                        60
    932                         35000                                    20000                                10                       65
    935                         32000                                    16000                                18                       60

Principle uses: Bearings for most industrial and general machinery bearings, roll neck, mill and pulley bearings

Well...that's it for our second section.  Until next time my metal loving friends...

 Next Up: Chapter 4: Load Speed and Usages-Tin Bronzes: Low-speeds, High loads

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