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How to Clean Sintered Bronze

There are many different types of metal used across many different applications. 

Some types are made directly of metal whereas others may go through a fabrication or manufacturing process to reach their final state. Sintered bronze is the latter. 

Made of powdered metal, this type of bronze is often found in automobiles, home appliances, and, quite commonly, as bushings and bearings for all types of applications. 

Bronze itself is known to have a long lifespan. The same is true for sintered bronze. So to keep it looking and functioning optimally, you will want to clean it. This article will explain the best way to do that. 

What is Sintered Bronze? 

Sintered bronze is created using a process of fusing metal powders by heating and compacting them. The result is a solid, yet porous, piece of metal that is hard, strong, and very resistant to wear and tear over time. 

You will often find sintered bronze in applications that require specific complex shapes because the exact molds can be used in the powder metallurgy process to yield perfect results. 

Caring for your sintered bronze parts will ensure they deliver the best performance. 

Benefits of Cleaning Sintered Bronze

There are a few benefits to cleaning sintered bronze routinely, such as to: 

  • Prevent damage to equipment
  • Maintain a high level of production
  • Extend the life of your part and your application
  • Maintain the right amount of safety

When maintained, sintered bronze can continue to function optimally for a long time — reducing the need for unnecessary expenses. 

Cleaning Sintered Bronze

Thanks to their incredible qualities and longevity, sintered bronze is going to be around for a while — and that means it will need to be cleaned properly. Due to their porous nature, you cannot simply clean the outside of the metal as you are only doing half the job. 

Dirt, debris, and other particles can build up within the metal and contaminate it. Therefore, the most effective method for cleaning sintered bronze is to use ultrasonic cleaning. This involves placing your metal parts in a cleaning solution and using high-frequency sound waves to clean out all the unwanted junk inside the metal. 

Keep in mind that if you do not have access to an ultrasonic cleaner, simply wiping down the sintered bronze with a cleaning solution, rinsing, and then patting dry with a soft cloth can get the job done as well as possible — and is better than not cleaning it at all. 

What type of cleaning solution do you use? Equal parts of warm water and white vinegar work well for ultrasonic cleaning. However, soapy water works well for cleaning the outside of the metal. 

Self-Lubricating Sintered Bronze

Many sintered bronze applications use self-lubricating parts. This is often because the powdered metal is porous enough to hold oil and continuously lubricate on its own. If you find that your cleaning process has left your metal dry, you can always add the oil or grease of your choice. 

For most applications, oil works well. For heavy-duty applications, grease may be a better-suited option. Whichever you choose, simply apply it evenly to the surface.

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