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What Oil Is Best For Bronze Bushings?


Choosing the right bushing for your application is so important. After all, everything you do going forward will rest on the fact that you chose the perfect part. This means making sure that your bushing is made of the most ideal metal and that it is just the right size, too. But did you know that selecting the right bushing is only half the battle? For your bronze bushing to continue to be effective in your application, it has to be properly cared for and maintained. And this means ensuring that they are properly lubricated.

The Importance of Lubricating Bronze Bushings

Bushings are components that are designed to reduce the friction between two surfaces — and bronze is one of the best metals to do this. Bronze bushings are strong and can maintain their shape even after heavy use. They even work well at high temperatures without deforming or breaking. This is why you will find them in all types of applications across many different industries. Lubricating them, however, is necessary for the bushings to continue to operate optimally. They are dependent on this to work effectively as the lubrication:
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Reduces friction
  • Improves overall function
  • Minimizes wear
Without it, you will find that your bushings are not functioning as intended. They will begin to wear down — and may even become damaged. This will reduce their performance and may even cause the application to fail, leaving you with a costly situation.

How to Lubricate Bronze Bushings

Many turn to oil to lubricate their bronze bushings while many others insist on using grease. Both are effective options for keeping the bushing lubricated. It is up to you to choose the best option for your application based on the load, speed, and temperature. For many everyday uses, any light machine oil should work. However, for heavy-duty applications, sometimes grease is the best option. To effectively lubricate your bronze bushing, you will want to apply it evenly to the surface, ensuring that all areas are covered.

When Should You Lubricate Bronze Bushings?

Regular inspection of your bushings is important for maintaining them. Any signs of wear should be addressed before it leads to a bigger issue. The frequency at which you should lubricate your bronze bushing will depend on the application. Those who see heavier use will require attention more frequently — and this is why routine inspections are so important.

Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushings

Self-lubricating bronze bushings may be a better solution for those who are not interested in this part of maintenance. Known as oil-impregnated bushings, the oil is infused into the metal. Then, as it works, the oil comes through the pores and coats the surface for optimal function. No further lubrication is necessary. Many find these to be an ideal solution.

Find Bronze Bushings at Atlas Bronze

If bronze bushings are a good fit for your application, then knowing where to find them is key. At Atlas Bronze, we offer a long list of bushings that can provide you with the perfect fit. To learn more about them or if you aren’t sure about what you need, our team of experts is here for you. Contact us today at (800) 478-0887.

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