Monday, November 27, 2023

How To Measure Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings are resistant to corrosion and friction and are a long-lasting solution that won’t lose its shape over time. However, to reap all of these benefits and more, you are going to have to invest in bushings that are the right fit. 

Installing the wrong size bushing can be detrimental to your application. And, ordering the wrong size can halt production. Reduce your risk by knowing how to measure bronze bushings properly.  

Common Applications for Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings can be found in all sorts of applications due to their many advantages – and their ease of use. This makes them a great solution for hydraulic cylinders, bicycles, surveillance systems, printer rollers, escalators, kitchen appliances, medical and dental tools, ATMs, engines, and so much more. 

If you believe that bronze bushings are the perfect fit for your project or if you currently have bushings you need to replace with bronze, how can you tell what size you need? How are bronze bushings measured? 

Measuring Bronze Bushings

Measuring bushings can be a bit confusing. Do you measure the interior ring or the exterior ring? And what happens if it is a flange bushing with an additional area to measure — does it count?

If you need to order bronze bushings, then you are going to need their precise size to ensure an accurate fit. That means you need to know how to properly measure it. So, let’s break it down. 

The inner diameter of a bronze bushing, generally referred to as ID, is measured from side to side using the inside walls. The outdoor diameter, or OD, is a measurement of the outer walls, straight across from the outside of each side. 

The overall length (OAL) of a bronze bushing refers to the length of the part from bottom to top when sitting flat on a surface. 

When it comes to flange bronze bushings, additional measurements are needed including the outer diameter and the thickness of the flange itself. These are referred to as the flange outer diameter (FLOD) and the flange thickness (FLTH), respectively. 

The unit of measurement for bronze bushings is inches. And they are referred to as “-ths of an inch.” Except, of course, the interior diameter or ID which is clearly broken down into four decimal points for precision purposes. 

When ordering your new bronze bushings you would use the sequence of ID, OD, OAL, and, if applicable, FLOD and FLTH. 

What Size Bronze Bushings You Need? 

If you are still not sure of how to properly measure the size of your bronze bushings, it is a good idea to get in contact with a knowledgeable professional within the industry. After all, getting the right part to complete your job is so important. Remember, you will need to know the exact size in order to be able to order the proper bronze bushings. 

Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some help with the calculations, the team at Atlas Bronze is here for you. We offer standard and made-to-order bushings for a perfect fit and can help you find exactly what you are looking for.  

Contact us today at (800) 478-0887.

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