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What Are Sintered Bronze Bearings Made From?

Sintered bronze bearings are one of those component parts that play a fundamental role in so many applications. Not only are they effective at what they do without requiring any maintenance, but they are also a cost-effective solution. 

Without losing its strength, the porous metal created from the sintering process is what gives them their traits - and makes these bronze bearings a go-to for many. 

But how are they made? And what exactly are sintered bronze bearings made from? Let’s find out. 

What are Sintered Bronze Bearings Made From? 

Sintered bronze bearings are made from powder metallurgy. 

Powder metallurgy is a metal-forming process in which bronze or bronze alloys are made into a powdered form through various processes, such as atomization, chemical decomposition, and grinding. 

This powder is poured into a mold cavity and pressed with great force in an attempt to compact the particles. 

The mold with the metal is then placed directly into a furnace. This heats the metal to just below its melting point. As a result, it comes together to form a very strong and porous component part. 

This process is known as sintering metal. 

Because this metal is so porous, it creates a great self-lubricating bearing. It is the fact that this metal is so porous that makes it a great option for self-lubricating bearings. As they work they are able to create a film that provides lubrication - keeping friction to a minimum while in motion. 

To get this effect, there is a second phase that follows the powder metallurgy known as oil impregnation. In a very brief overview, this refers to all of the pores being impregnated with grease so that it will continue to lubricate the bearing continuously. 

Applications for Using Sintered Bronze Bearings

Sintered bronze bearings are ideal and versatile enough to be used across many different industries. It is not uncommon to see them used in all sorts of applications - not to mention that they are affordable and easy to procure, too. 

A few of the most common places you may find them include:

  • Aircraft accessories

  • Spacecraft

  • Automobile accessories

  • Small appliances

  • Motors

  • Power tools

  • Construction equipment

  • Farm equipment 

  • Business/packaging machines

Advantages of Sintered Bronze Bearings

So, why choose sintered bronze bearings over the alternative? Are they more effective at fulfilling their role than other metal, plastic, or rubber bearings?

Let’s just say that sintered bronze bearings are a highly-effective solution - and come with many advantages over the competition. A few of their most stand-out traits include: 

  • Being self-lubricating 

  • Requiring no maintenance

  • Operating with low noise

  • Having high sliding velocities

  • A low friction coefficient

Regardless of how you intend to use them, you will likely be surprised by how well they hold up - without any maintenance. 

Looking for Sintered Bronze Bearings? 

If you have used sintered bronze bearings before and know what you are looking for, Atlas Bronze has a long list of sizing options to meet your needs. However, if you are in search of a better solution for your application, our metal experts are available to guide you - and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Contact us today at (800) 478-0887. 

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