Thursday, August 25, 2022

When to Replace Bronze Bushings?

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With so many different options available for bushings, it can leave you questioning which one is the best choice. But when it comes to finding a durable solution that is strong, won’t rust, and will surpass your expectations of a lifespan, you will want to choose bronze bushings.

To keep them working as well as intended, you are going to need to perform the necessary maintenance to boost their longevity. Unfortunately, sometimes that just isn’t enough. Keep reading to find out when to replace bronze bushings.

About Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings (or bronze bearings) are used to protect parts from wear and tear, as well as reduce vibrations, noise, and shock loads. They also improve the efficiency of the part as a whole. Although there are many different sizes of bronze bushings based on the application, they are still small - yet integral to the success of the unit. Bronze bushings can be created using sintered bronze or cast bronze, allowing them to be useful in many different types of applications. In fact, they can be found in just about every industry. Bronze bushings are used in car engines, bicycles, stage lighting, kitchen appliances, escalators, fishing reels, hydraulic cylinders, ATMs, printer rollers, dental/medical tools, and in so many other ways.

Advantages of Using Bronze Bushings

Why choose bronze bushings? Well, in a nutshell, they are:
Corrosion-resistant and will not rust. Sturdy and hard, making them able to handle pressure without changing shape. Able to handle high temperatures without losing their shape. Resistant to friction. Most importantly, bronze bushings are long-lasting. The quality and durability that come with these types of bushings mean that the frequency at which they will need to be replaced will be reduced - and that’s quite the benefit.

When to Replace Bronze Bushings

Bronze itself can last for hundreds of years with very little maintenance. But, to keep your bronze bushing working effectively it needs to be oiled or greased regularly so that it remains lubricated at all times. This deters corrosion and reduces the wear and tear of the component because it minimizes friction between the two parts.
With some applications, you may never have to replace bronze bushings. This is especially true for those that are well maintained with lubrication and not pushed beyond their ability. However, there are some applications that can push the limits of these bushings, regardless of their incredible strength and durability. In these instances, keeping them greased and maintained will still give you a long lifespan, but they may need to be replaced at a faster rate. If you notice that the operation with the bushing is no longer quiet, smooth, and controlled, it could be time to replace it.

Bronze Bushings at Atlas Bronze

Whether you are looking for bronze bushings for a new project or to replace those you currently have, Atlas Bronze has exactly what you are looking for. We use many different casting methods, alloys, and sizes to meet any need. And our bronze experts can help you to determine just what that need is. Contact us today at (800) 478-0887. 

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