Sunday, October 24, 2021

5 Uses For Copper Welding

man welding with copper

 Copper is one of those metals that is part of our everyday lives - and no, we are not just talking about pennies. This metal has been incredibly beneficial to us in ways you may never have imagined. The fact that it has been around for at least 10,000 years means it has had a lot of time to make an impact. 

What is copper used for? And how does it find its way into our daily lives?

Types of Copper Welding

We may use copper in many ways (we will get to those in a minute), but copper just doesn’t appear to us precisely in the manner we intend to use it. Instead, we have to take steps to make copper more adaptable for our everyday use. One of the ways we do that is through different forms of welding. 

Soldering. Soldering is a way to join metal using a filler wire or filler material that melts and brings the metals together. This is a simple process that can be done to do small jobs around the house. Though plumbers commonly use it for repairing copper pipes and fittings. 

Brazing. Brazing also uses filler material like soldering. However, the temperatures used in the brazing process are often much higher than soldering. Extensive metalwork and dealing with those of varying thickness often use brazing. It is definitely not something just anyone would use at their house. 

Welding. Welding requires different techniques, training, and generally some skill. Some welding uses shielding gases such as argon and helium. Using various types of mixtures can lead to different outcomes when welding copper. Thicker pieces may require more helium, for example, while argon is a better choice when the copper is quite thin. Other welding types don’t require gas at all. Copper welding uses are plenty, but they are better left to the professionals. 

With the use of any of these types of welding, you will find yourself with some pretty useful copper products.

Uses for Copper Welding

Did you know that there are so many things in our daily lives that we come in contact with that are

made of copper? Like we said initially, the first thing people think of is copper pennies. But copper

extends well beyond that. And most of these metal things are the result of copper welding.

1. Copper Cookware

Believe it or not, copper cookware is more common than you think. These pots and pans are found in

kitchens around the world. And those who have them, love them - thanks to their intense heat


2. Jewelry

Many people may not realize it, but copper is often found in jewelry. It tends to improve elasticity,

flexibility, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Gold is a very common alloyed metal when it comes to

copper. Most forms of 18k gold and sterling silver contain copper. 

3. Railings

Copper keeps you safe on stairs, balconies, etc. Most railings that are used as protective barriers or

are there for you to grab hold of are made of copper. Since copper has antimicrobial properties and

they are highly-trafficked surfaces, it's a great choice.

4. Door Knobs and Handles

Like railings, doorknobs and handles are often touched a lot. To keep them lasting a long time and not

maintain germ breeding grounds, doorknobs and handles do well when designed with copper. You’d

be surprised that nearly every knob you have touched in your lifetime has some level of copper in it.

5. Wires and Pipes

Whether you have seen it or not, there are a lot of wires and pipes winding through your house. Your

plumbing, electrical wiring, and so forth all have copper. This is, again, thanks to its antimicrobial

property and its ability to conduct electricity with high efficiency.

Learn More About Copper Uses at Atlas Bronze

Whether we realize it or not, copper is one of those metals that play an important role in our lives every

single day. From plumbing pipes to jewelry and everything in between, there is likely going to come a

time when you need it. And when you do, Atlas Bronze is here. 

Contact our professional team today at (800) 478-0887. They are standing by to answer all your

questions about copper welding uses.


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