Thursday, October 29, 2020

What Are the Different Types of Bushings?


Bushings are an important component in many pieces of industrial machinery and consumer products, as they allow two moving parts to function without causing damaging friction. Sometimes also known as bearings, there are several different types of bushings to choose from and selecting the correct variety means understanding how they differ, as well as knowing the needs of your application.

Types of Bushings

Bushings can be classified by both form and lubrication needs. When choosing bushings for your application, you’ll need to first choose the type, then decide upon the lubrication requirements.

At Atlas Bronze, we manufacture the following types of bronze bushings:

Sleeve Bushings

As their name suggests, these bushings come in a cylindrical form that looks like a sleeve. They allow components to slide without friction. If your application requires sleeve bushings, it’s important to note that it must either have a system that lubricates the bushing or, if not, the sleeve bushings you purchase will need to be self-lubricating.

Flange Bushings

Flange bushings are similar to sleeve bushings in form, with the primary difference being that one or both sides have a flange, or lip, to hold the bushing securely in place. Because these bushings are fixed to a surface, they can withstand thermal expansion and support heavy loads at high speeds.

Thrust Washers

Thrust washers are bushings that are designed to withstand applications that have thrust forces with moderate velocities.

Lubrication Needs

Once you know the type of bushing your application needs, you’ll have to determine whether self-lubrication is necessary. Here’s the difference between plain and self-lubricating bushings:

Self-Lubricating Bushings

When regular lubrication is not possible or desirable, self-lubricating bushings are a must. These bushings are manufactured with very small pores or grooves that are impregnated with lubricant. When in use, the bushing releases the lubricant; when at rest, the lubricant is reabsorbed. This allows machinery to run with very little maintenance.

We offer graphite-plugged bushings, which are ideal for high temperature and heavy load applications. They are resistant to corrosion and operate well in even hostile environments. Another self-lubricating bushing option is the oil and grease groove bronze bushing. This type of bushing has grooves incorporated into the design; we’ll add the lubricant of your choice during the manufacturing process.

Plain Bushings

Plain bushings are the most economical option, but you’ll need to ensure that your application has a system for lubrication or that your business has the available labor to allow staff to lubricate the machinery manually when needed. A plain bushing can also be oil-grooved or graphited if you have special requirements that can’t be met by one of our stock self-lubricating bushing options.

Learn More About the Types of Bushings

Do you need bushings for your application? Are you unsure about which type you need? Our team of engineering and manufacturing experts is here to help. Contact Atlas Bronze at 1-800-478-0887 today to speak to a member of our team to learn more about the different types of bushings we offer.


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