Thursday, January 2, 2020

Applications for Flange Bearings

At Atlas Bronze, bearings are one of our specialities. Whenever there are two or more moving parts in a machine, bearings are there to reduce the friction between them by bearing the force and load. Bearings keep us from having to frequently replace worn out parts and there are different types of bearings for all different kinds of applications. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look into one specific type of bearing that we manufacture at Atlas Bronze: the flange bearing.

What Is a Flange Bearing?

Flange bearings, also sometimes known as flanged bearings, differ from other types of bearings in one simple way: there is a flange (or lip) on one end. The purpose of the flange is to help keep the bearing in place without slipping, falling, or shifting, particularly when there is axial push or load being applied to the bearing. Without the flange, the bearing would fall out of place and the machinery would stop working. The flange on a bearing may seem like a small detail, but it makes a significant difference in how a machine operates.

For a visual, see this example of flanged bearing, made with sintered bronze.

Types of Flange Bearings

Flange bearings are usually no more than three inches in diameter, and can be mounted in place with two bolts, three bolts, or four bolts in the case of heavy duty applications. Flange bearings with four bolts are typically round or square, while three-bolt flange bearings are triangular, and two-bolt flange bearings come in a diamond shape.

Like other bearings, flange bearings come in many different types. There are flanged ball bearings, flanged plain bearings, flanged needle roller bearings, and flanged roller bearings. Bronze, steel, plastic, composite material, metal-polymer, and other metals and alloys are used to manufacture flange bearings.

Some flange bearings come with oil-impregnated options, which mean that they release oil while under pressure and absorb the oil back into small pores once the pressure is released. Other flange bearings may be maintenance free, requiring no grease or oil to operate, or require only occasional oiling to work properly.

How Are Flange Bearings Used?

In addition to being used in situations where there are large axial loads, flange bearings are well-suited for high vibration applications because they are designed to stay in place.

Flange bearings are often used in vehicles for this reason––automotive engines are a high vibration environment, so flange bearings are ideal. The other reason flange bearings are used in engines is because they can withstand high temperatures and stay in place despite thermal expansion.

Flange bearings are also used in industrial applications like food processing, textile manufacturing, airport baggage systems, HVAC belt drives, hay balers, combines, and conveyors.

Learn More About Atlas Bronze Flange Bearings

To find out more about Atlas Bronze flange bearings, contact us at 1-800-478-0887 to speak to one of our sales representatives about our offerings. Our highly skilled team will help you through the process of choosing the right flange bearings for your application to make sure your project is a success.


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