Tuesday, August 15, 2017



Here at Atlas, its always fun to take a trip into the warehouse to see what the guys are up to. On one particular day, one of our guys was cutting into a C86300 Manganese Bronze BIG BLOCK and we were able capture some video of the process.  For reference purposes the block started off as an 8" thick x 18" wide x 105" long piece of material weighing in at around 5,000 lbs and in the last part of the video the cut pieces are to finish to 1" thick x 8" wide x 16" long.

For years, Atlas Bronze has been cutting Custom Size Plates out of Big Blocks of Bronze (and Iron).  It's always fascinating seeing how our guys in the shop cut this material and after seeing it first hand it was quite impressive to watch. I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have ANY questions at all please feel free to contact us at sales@atlasbronze.com or call 1-800-478-0887.

For your information, Atlas Bronze is currently stocking these Big Block Plates in C86300 Manganese Bronze, C90500 Tin Bronze, C90700 Tin Bronze, C91100 Tin Bronze, C93200 Bearing Bronze, C93700 High Leaded Tin Bronze, C95400 Aluminum Bronze, C95500 Aluminum Bronze & C95900 Aluminum Bronze in a variety of sizes.  We carry most of this material dual certified to ASTM B505 and ASTM B22 both domestic & DFARS.  **If you don't see an alloy or a size (thickness or width) that you need please let us know - chances are we can do it!

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