Friday, May 12, 2017

Ground Plate: The Ultimate Time & Money Saver!

 Ground Plate is Atlas Bronze's specialty product.  This material is a cost saver and time saver.  Since the material is stocked in a ground condition +/- .002 on the thickness (we aim for +/- .000 so if you need a closer tolerance we will mic material upon request).

Our bronze flat stock is machined from continuous cast, fine grain plate. Our bars are supplied ground top & bottom.  

No milling or grinding is necessary on the top or on the bottom. It's already done for you!!  No need to block it in, taping it down or tow clamp it anymore! 

Standard stocked ground plates are available in C95400 Aluminum Bronze & C93200 Bearing Bronze from ¼ to 1” x 12” wide x 144” cut to your size.  We can also grind any plate Alloy you like.  Just call or email us with your requirements.

Our Bronze Ground Plate was developed to save you time and money and here is a list of reasons why you will love it!

  • Time Saver
  • Tight Tolerance
  • Minimal Machining for customers
  • Fewer Setups + lower costs
  • Chemical Certs for trace-ability
  • Standard Sizes in Stock
  • Can ship the same day!

You can see an example of what grinding a large plate might look like below...

Call us, email us or visit us on our Online Store to purchase yours TODAY!

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