Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How Atlas Bronze Could Help if Santa's Sleigh Broke Down on Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, countless children lie restlessly in bed, thinking about all the toys that they hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning. They’re barely able to contain themselves as they anxiously await Santa’s arrival, depending of course on how well-behaved they were the past year.

I remember when my kids used to look wistfully into the dark, winter sky from their bedroom windows, waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh flying through the air. They would point and jump up and down when they saw Rudolph’s red nose, and my husband and I would agreeably nod, even though we knew it was simply a blinking airplane light. So few things are as boundless as a child’s imagination!

One day, a terrible thought crossed my mind. If Santa was in fact real, how devastating would it be if his sleigh broke down during his annual expedition to deliver gifts to the girls and boys of the world? The kids would wake up and fervently rush down the steps only to find the harrowing sight of a Christmas tree devoid of any gifts beneath it.

Well, if Santa’s sleigh did break down, I know just the people who could (probably) fix it. Atlas Bronze of course!

If Santa’s sleigh was a real vehicle making these millions of trips all around the world in one night, an obvious source of potential troubleshooting would be with the engine. First, Atlas Bronze would go straight to the source and inspect the engine’s valve seats, or the strength center part of the engine that prevents harmful gases from leaking into the manifold. Aluminum bronze is a key component of the valve seat and also helps prevent corrosion. With the addition of bronze parts for added strength, Santa’s sleigh would be dashing through the snow again in no time!

Since Santa has been so busy making a list and checking it twice, we’re sure he hasn’t thought about the exterior of his sleigh and how it could endanger him on his merry travels. Before Saint Nick goes on his merry way, he would need to incorporate some architectural bronze into the exterior. Bronze is commonly used in the production of doors, making them nice and strong. As an added bonus, bronze will not generate sparks when struck against a hard surface. So, as Santa lands up on the housetop with a click, click, click, he can ensure that his trusty sleigh won’t slide off of the roof.

Finally, you can’t forget about the bronze sleigh bells on the reindeers’ harnesses. As Santa’s original bells may have rusted over many years, he might go to Atlas Bronze to get the materials he needs for a shiny new outfit for Rudolph.


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